Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with ER-Air

Bacteria - Virus - Allergens - Dander
Enzyme Life Sciences proprietary Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Cleaner ER-Air is a formulation of specific enzymes, bacterial and nutrients that efficiently break down and consume airborne mold spores, allergens, pollens, dust mites and mites.

Most homeowners are not aware their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) may be worse than the outdoor air pollution. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) affects all homes whether in an urban or rural environment. We breathe 3,400 gallons of air each day, making Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) a top EPA risk to public health. Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can lead to any number of respiratory issues.

It is relevant to note that ER-Air is more often one step taken in the process of a successful Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) treatment. i.e. a successful IAQ treatment may include removal of any indoor air pollutants, removal of any source of pollutants, an air cleaner accessory, improved and increased house ventilation.

The preferred application technique for ER-Air is via a Fog. Fogging is considered the modern, scientific way to introduce cleaners that attach to and break down airborne toxins and any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). ER-Air can also be applied as a spray mist.

Pricing is dependent on square footage of environment to be treated (ER-Air consumed), and environment.

ELS ER-Air Safety Data Sheet

ELS ER-Air Safety Data Sheet

ER-Air Product Literature

ER-Air MSDS Sheet

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